Mr. Turner


My friend Lori quickly thought of painters John Constable and J M W Turner when she read my post More storm ‘n’ sun yesterdayexactly those who were in my mind at the time. So I commended ‘Mr. Turner’ (2014) to Lori, and hereby more widely. If ever a story and its art lent itself to a large screen …

Available to rent or buy at prime video

More storm ‘n’ sun

As though the ‘end product’ of the water cycle were not extraordinary provision enough to life on earth, its staggering beauty is a literally immeasurable gift. Think of every time you lie down and gaze upward at the sky; or sit near a window – reading or dozing but also aware of cloud formations; or look down from your airplane window at the ‘ice cream castles in the air’; or visit an art gallery, or call to mind any number of your favourite paintings or photographs. Water in motion, at any stage in the cycle, on earth or in the heavens, makes this beautiful planet of ours dynamically spectacular – every nanosecond, everywhere …


Glenridding Pier, Ullswater

Nine miles long and three quarters of a mile wide, with a maximum depth just over 60 metres (197 feet), Ullswater, known locally as ‘The Queen of the Lakes,’ created by a glacier in the Last Ice Age, is the second largest lake in the English Lake District. Sometimes there’s an intense silence to be experienced at the lakeside, and the sense one has of the depth of the lake probably contributes a great deal to awareness of healing tranquility.


My kind brother sent me a gift of a Hybrid Ceramic Detailer – and I’ve had unimaginable early-evening pleasure bringing Rufus up to gleaming and mirror-like wondrousness! Look out for our polished arrival Edinburgh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 …



Gardens are miraculous! Even after wind pummelling these past few days the most fragile and tender plants and flowers are coming to bloom. And I so love the satisfaction of being barefoot on a neat-mown lawn on a sunny blue-sky evening. Housemartins are swooping, rooks are cawing, doves are cooing, the evening light is beautiful, the temperature mild … and everything feels connected. May this peace flow outwards – to wherever it’s needed – like ripples in a pond …

Some times

Photo by WildOne at Pixabay

Sometimes – I hear a tap tap tapping though I’m looking at a photograph of a typewriter – which image makes no sound; I encounter story in silence where neither keys nor pen have yet shaped words; I feel what is over an horizon though it be beyond my sight; I sense poetry busy in the act of creating; I touch that which is not yet present. Sometimes all of life presents as mystery to be aspired to – and hoped for.

Some times.

It’s simple

When I am among the trees …
they call again, “It’s simple,” they say,
“and you too have come
into the world to do this, to go easy, to be filled
with light, and to shine.”

Mary Oliver

Early morning light and early evening light often bring Mary Oliver to mind: she and her trees, she and they shining, whisper ‘it’s simple’ – and I’m stilled awhile, again, to wonder at the assertion, and to love and reach out to the light – and the light-bearers.

One Year Ago

Sometimes, when reflecting on ‘One Year Ago,’ we can see a gentle pointing, back then, to a way to go. This gifts a degree of confidence that we’ll all be shown what we need to know, when we need to know it.

And if, as the years roll by, we observe that time and place and circumstance are our quiet guides, we might become the more willing learners – confident, steadied and quiet enough, often enough, to hear our teachers’ best love and wise counsel. So the colours in Worlds of Wonder continue to reveal themselves, beckoning us to continue our becoming.