Checks and balances

Photo at Pixabay

a poem … is an arena of checks and balances, of starts and stops and realignments. It is a ground where questions are more important than answers and answers do not necessarily negate each other. It is also a territory where there may be no “answer,” at least in the way we usually understand that word. There may be, purely, a freshly discovered space for observation.

Clare Morgan
What Poetry Brings to Business

May it be, then, in these days, that we all set aside a little more time for poetry!

The long run

News coverage of Ramadi in Iraq, and of other conflagrations too, leaves me speechless. The scale of the destruction and devastation is flabbergasting and in company with millions, I’m sure, I leap to longing for a closure that’s probably unreachable for a long time to come. It’s not just the rebuilding of cities that will take years, but the restoration of communities, of families, of broken hearts, of hope and trust, and the long, long and painful coming to terms with permanently irreplaceable loss of life.

I’m thinking tonight of the author Kim Rosen about whose work I posted in early December. (Freedom Space). Where to turn when “closure” seems well nigh impossible? Kim wrote of the enormously significant facilitating role that poetry plays in bringing people of different positions and traditions together, in circumstances that many, perhaps most, would think unimaginable. Those exploring, reaching, yearning poetry readings came to mind earlier today whilst reading Clare Morgan:

Posing and describing a question
can be much more valuable in the
long run than finding a solution.
Its focus away from closure toward
exploration is very much in tune with
the mind-set poetry can facilitate.

Clare Morgan
What Poetry Brings to Business