Dance, then …

See You at Dance Base, Grassmarket

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Festival Opening Night 2022 – a night like none other! See You, at Dance Base in Grassmarket, was an encounter so rich, intense and beautiful I had to remind myself to breathe. Being up close to stunningly disciplined, exquisite, fluid, athletic choreography like this demanded spellbound attention and response in every slowed second. Utterly, utterly wonderful.

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Macro at the Murrayfield Stadium

And then more! Macro in Edinburgh’s ginormous Murrayfield Stadium was also a poetic feast. A celebration of ascent, climb, community, connection, fall, family, leaps of faith, and place, of history, love, lament, music, movement and vivacity. An immense crowd caught up and personally involved in this astonishing presentation was a deeply moving ‘piece of art’ in itself.

Edinburgh Royal Military Tattoo 1st night

And then further. This being Edinburgh, echoes of many centuries past and those of just moments ago hang in the air. This photo captures an ancient fortress, more than a thousand years old. The Royal Military Tattoo spectacular ‘Voices’ has just concluded opening night of 2022. Thousands from all over the world walk down the hill in animated conversation – ‘something long known and only now seen’ – and the Edinburgh evening breathes ‘dance, then …’

And there will be more.

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Happy Easter

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Quiet joy of early morning Easter Sunday – before a day full of life and energy in the delightful company of surprise visitors. So some lovely meals, a tour of Edinburgh’s ‘underground city,’ another of the Castle in warm sunshine and (for me, deeply moving) sight of ‘The Honours of Scotland’ (link) which include the crown that once adorned the head of Mary Queen of Scots. Finally, onwards and upwards for sunset on Calton Hill. All this added up to our having walked so far and for so many hours that three pairs of feet are quite worn out! That’s the joy of life’s ‘Eastertides’ in a million different ways – the gifts of ‘new life surprise’ (and – after a good night’s sleep, reenergised feet, I hope!) 🐣

The whole earth is the tomb of heroic men and their story is not graven only on stone over their clay but abides everywhere without visible symbol woven into the stuff of other men’s lives

St Margaret’s Chapel – circa 1130

The Palace of Holyroodhouse

‘at the end of the day …’