Thank you V&P

steak food
Photo by Malidate Van on

thank you new friends who
quietly paid for my lunch
today as you left

SRM – MM Haiku 65 Day 95

for V&P – the haiku format cannot really contain the measure of gratitude I feel towards two brand new friends I’d only just met whose kindness was magnified by my being unable to offer thanks at the time



Some were very old
and stiff and struggling
to navigate chairs
and tables

Some were very young
and wanted burgers
while their mums chose cold
ham staples

Some didn’t care how
long it all took, just
pleased today not to
have to cook

Some were business-folk
a bit glassy-eyed
frazzled, distracted
lightly fried

And us of course, we
were out for lunch too
where noticing the
others is

part of how you do