Tidal river – Se souvenir 💕✨

Four years after your
soul soared our days of baguettes
and paté delight me

💕✨for JMT

“This old fisherman’s house beside a tidal river in Morbihan is a place we visit in our dreams all year round. Rain, hail or shine in the UK, we remember the sights and sounds of the France I’m seeing and hearing now, on a quiet Sunday morning, as we’re summoning up the will to bestir ourselves to cycle down to the boulangerie for coffee, bread, morning pastries and watching the world go by.

There’s a definite hint of autumn in the air here. Conkers fallen to footpaths amongst the earliest shed leaves. Choral birdsong, bright and familiar, just feet away from the wide-open French windows. The exquisitely distinctive sound of the river lapping at its banks and the gentle turning of the boats as the tide changes. Apple trees laden. Poetic lines come to mind but none so fine as the waking to the sights and sounds of a riverside Sunday morning en Bretagne.”

Tidal River, 18 September 2016

Hat tip to Brittany Ferries

Our annual and always much anticipated visit to Brittany is underway, with an overnight crossing to St Malo, to be followed by the familiar drive down to Morbihan. I don’t know how they’ve managed to remain so consistent over years and years, but Brittany Ferries continue to excel. Of course I love boats generally as I’ve mentioned here before (probably more than once or twice!) but unfailingly welcoming and attentive crew, first rate steak frites, a tour of the ship, and a great night’s comfortable sleep really are part of the holiday for us. Sailing into early morning St Malo on a misty sunlit morning is undoubtedly one of my favourite things. Hat tip today to MV Bretagne and the Brittany Ferries fleet.