All in a day


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Lakeland. Every day something new for the watchful eye or camera lens. Half an acre of delicate snowdrops to wonder at this morning – and several acres covered with mountain rock brought down by Storm Desmond, in late 2015, this afternoon. The UK Environment Agency – with a bit of help from Jen the Pink Digger – has begun the mammoth task of clearing away the hundreds of tons of rock brought down upon the village of Glenridding and Ullswater by Storm Desmond in December 2015. More photos of Jen and co here. Meanwhile the weather forecast is for an icy, snowy night in Cumbria and the road gritters are out and about. Another log for the stove methinks.

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Monday morning

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Riotous birdsong this morning and – though I’m almost certainly kidding myself – a sense that Spring is not far away. Snow along the Pennine ridge is a feature of Spring up here – and somehow looks lovelier than usual when viewed from a landscape strewn with daffodils. Not many of those around yet, though there are a few hardy yellow souls numbered among our garden snowdrops.

I’ve been wondering today how a heron I’ve been watching for a few days can stand for so long in a freezing cold river. (And rehearsing chunks of Mary Oliver’s Upstream in my head). This most watchful and patient of fishermen must have thermally protected legs and feet. I’m minded to look up how that could be. Plodding along, close to home, I was startled and delighted by a deer just feet away. Or perhaps I ought to say that the unsuspecting deer was startled by me! Too quick for a photo today, I shall keep a closer watch for them in future.