Grande Vitesse

Photo at Pixabay

The TGV sped us out of Brittany for Paris this morning, our having first marvelled at the friendliness and service for breakfast at the SNCF Gare d’Auray. The contrast between this city and the riverside we’ll return to on Thursday couldn’t be more marked. Quiet enough in the former to hear sparrows’ wings, in 1st Arrondisement Paris there’s a well trained choir of sirens, car horns and bicycle bells. Outdoor supper watching the world passing by on a warm Paris evening is intoxicating.

Now, just before midnight, there’s no sign of a quietening outside the window behind which we’re thankfully installed, exhausted feet wondering what the heck happened today. Ah, but that walk along the Seine, the avenues of autumn coloured trees, the photos outside Notre Dame, and the ultra fab Apple Store at Carrousel du Louvre. I’ll joyfully remember where I downloaded MacOS Sierra! After just a couple of hours in this thrumming city we’ve got the hang of the buzz and the speed of the place again already. And one or two (hundred) photos!