Photo at 2CRG

Burnished gold dawned through
morning mist as soft still curtain
of deep sleep opened to hopes
for Sunday –

spectacularly spun cobwebs
and autumnal dew in intimate
relationship within and without
the river

the sea a rolling green-blue
with wide yellow stretch of
clean sand hosting hundreds of
oyster shells

and us too replete with simple
picnic lunch and the stretched
delight of cyclists set out to
breathe deep

and contemplate the hours
slow before evening celebration
avec bombarde et orgue


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2 thoughts on “Bretagne

    1. You’re lovely – but too generous. We became firm friends first by way of my intense admiration for your own perceptive and life enhancing journaling – which I have visited and revisited again and again. I always hope and intend that my writing is a gift – even if only for me. Yours, dear Mimi, is absolutely such a gift. And that for many. I’m fairly sure you’ll bring a book into the world some day … and I’m in the preorder line. Thank you, always, for your encouragement and grace xx


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