Photo at 2CRG

Another perfect day’s cycle tour today, in the commune of Sarzeau, near the coast of the Atlantic ocean, including a visit to the striking Château de Suscinio, a moated French castle, built in the late Middle Ages, as home to the Dukes of Brittany. It’s still gloriously warm here and hues of golds and reds are enhanced and illuminated by sky as blue as one might expect to find in the height of summer.

Pain au chocolat consumed at a well-placed picnic table, on a village green overlooking the Atlantic, was like something out of a ‘let’s live the good life’ dream. And the effect was doubled when we spotted a beautifully built boite à livres – a little lending library set on posts at the corner of the green – so that one could cheerfully have chosen to stay there for hours, reading and daydreaming in the sunshine.

It’s as well we didn’t get too distracted by the books (an all too frequent pitfall for both of us generally), for in pedalling onwards we accidentally came upon a little creperie where galette au jambon et compotée de tomates was reckoned the discovery of the day.

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