Sunlit comets and stars

Photo at 2CRG

Often the tranquil beauty of this
riverbank house comes upon one
with abrupt sharp blast of shock –
and never more than time’s chimed
close for us to depart

Turquoise green in late afternoon
the river has turned and hosts
myriad sunlit comets and stars –
accentuation, punctuation within
memoirs of the heart

October with four pairs of French
windows and the house door open
wide to supper preparation and
reading in the slight breeze upon
which pine needles dart

A small passing watercraft leaves
familiar lapping sounds in its wake
holding one’s attention light but
keen much as one might felicitate
upon unsurpassed fine art


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2 thoughts on “Sunlit comets and stars

  1. I have just heard Prince Charles’ rendition of Seamus Heaney’s poem “the Shipping Forecast” I reckon he ( Seamus ) has serious competition ! Are you going to publish any of yours? You paint such clear pictures.

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    1. Lovely to hear from you! I’ve just heard the same (I thought very splendid) rendition, courtesy of the BBC, too. Telepathy! Thank you for your kindness – but these little works will probably remain at home here on windinmywheels. Love for both xx


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