Man’s Life

Photo at Pixabay

A wind from whence
Stirreth the wayside dust
And passeth hence
And the dust sinketh
Unto dust.

Sunshine and shower
Sweet falling rain
A flower
Plucked ere its time
– Or seeding –
Fadeth all the same.

Flash of light on a stream
Vision across a dream
Over the passing gleam.

Nov 2nd, 1912

John H Mason RDI

Happenstance leads me today to John Mason’s little collection Poems, self-published in 1938. A couple of hours ago I stood before Ray Ogden’s Fisher King – an extraordinary painting that stirreth the wayside dust, in the always startlingly bright colours fleetingly seen in a Kingfisher’s flight.

There’s an echo of colour. Dazzling of the eyes. Coloured dust afloat in the airstream like that from the wings of a moth, or a butterfly, but brighter. Flash of light on a stream. I intend to revisit the painting at Rheged upon the morrow. With this poem in hand.

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