Lost and found

Photo at Pixabay

A few days ago I was struck by the Japanese poet Ryokan’s

If we lose something, it is hiding somewhere near us

I was much comforted at the time, and remembered a dear late friend who used to tell me with delight that St Anthony of Padua often provided her with similar assurances! For Ryokan and for Joan I think the basic idea was that one shouldn’t get too wound up about these things, that things have a way of working out – or, better still, turning up.

So I breathed deep and waited for inspiration.

Dear reader, I now joyfully confirm that Ryokan was onto something. And so was Joan. Both encouraged me to walk the paths of peace. And that which was lost was indeed hiding somewhere near us and is now found. All sorts of appreciative images come to mind – the cat with the cream, the dog with the bone, my grand-daughter with cake.

Or a bear like me. Post honey!

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