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One of our special and treasured friends has died.

You know who you are, and would not care at all for any fuss to be made. But we want to say thank you, dear friend, from deep within, for lighting up the world. We never saw you without your glorious smile, or a glad or encouraging word for or about someone. These gifts opened people and the flowers in your garden alike. Thank you for your gentleness, goodness, patience and love. We, in company with your beloved family, will celebrate your life in our every remembering of times shared. Thank you. With much love.

11 thoughts on “RDT

    1. Thank you! First: I’m thrilled the dbox worked. Second: yes, very remarkable. Me: How are you today? He: (huge smile) Grrand! – And the world around us became so. Friendship. Priceless. And eternal. xx


  1. Your comforting words will mean so much to a grieving family. You set such a loving example to the rest of us, who are honoured to be your friends.

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