Time’s flight and gift


Image at Pixabay

Hello, my dear WindinmyWheels. It’s great to see you again. Do you know what happened to time since we were last together on the 21st December? That was ‘the shortest day’ according to the calendar, though it seems that every day since has been shorter.

Most nights I’ve clambered into bed with less than a third of my plans for the day accomplished. Bewildering – until I try to count the experiences of the last few weeks, some of which (ballet, choral singing, cinema, dining, family, friends, letters, poetry, theatre, and more) will crop up in our conversations over the next few weeks. Hardly a wonder that the days appeared shortened.

Anyway, apologies to you, dear blog, and to other lovely friends who have kindly noticed my unintended absence, and said so. I hope to resume our little daily contacts because our friendship is important in a million ways. Amongst these is the encouragement to reflect on what happens in the course of time’s flight. And celebrate unnumbered gifts and graces.

Belatedly: happy new year!