Donde el arte y la pasión se encuentran


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Where art and passion meet

My friend Mimi is chief among my encouragers where photo-journalling is concerned. With her usual enthusiasm and generosity of spirit Mimi spoke of enjoying “seeing Barcelona through your eyes.” If my beloved friends and family could only know how often I feel I’m seeing simply allsorts on their behalf as well as my own!

How to describe the extraordinarily vibrant and cosmopolitan city that is Barcelona?

Well: I’ve come to the conclusion that only the presentation of all things colourful comes near to proper description here. From tens of thousands raising their own heartbeats and ours in the Barcelona half marathon this morning, through a breathtaking spectrum of colours throughout the rest of the day, culminating in one of the best flamenco shows I’ve ever seen, heard or felt vibrating in my very bones, Domingo en Barcelona es

Donde el arte y la pasión se encuentran …

And I’m glad to be alive and marvel!

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4 thoughts on “Donde el arte y la pasión se encuentran

  1. Wow Simon! My eyes are dancing! I keep scrolling through these photos, stopping and delighting in each one, marveling at the vibrancy and feeling the joy of each shutter click. Yup, I’m your biggest fan (& my smile hasn’t diminished after seeing you and Jilly both looking so wonderful) – though my hunch is that there are many standing next to me…xx

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    1. Thank you Mimi! Home now, but not quite back to earth, you know? Wonderful city, but the other chief joy has been the marvellous and inspirational people we’ve met. Human hearts and minds really can achieve some extraordinary works can’t they? Love from both xx

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    1. Thanks for sharing Lori. We’ve been feasting with all of our senses too, and have been glad to think that you’d celebrated life there before us. Years ago my parents kindly gave me a beautiful little prism paperweight, engraved with a likeness of the basilica (described in various books, ways and places as an ‘expiatory temple of light’ – specifically intended to counter the world’s ‘darknesses’) and I’ve looked forward to seeing it since then. Now I must walk some of the effects of great tapas off my waistline – and perhaps my camera will be glad of a rest for a day or two!


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