morning view from the bedroom window

We left Brittany a little over a week ago but I can still hear the gentle lapping at the riverbank, see the view of the river from, and taste the air blown through the wide open bedroom window. It is a tranquil scene. This tidal river never appears in a hurry. The turning of the tide gently pirouettes the moored boats as though deliberately practiced in the arts of slow motion. Regular returns to that window and that river are restorative. So, too, is my daily return to river-like practice and pirouette. A life long lover of the lexicon, favourite words, thoughts and practices are tranquil.

7 thoughts on “Tranquil

  1. Good to have you back,so that we, too, can feel the restorative feelings through your tranquil words and the calming photo of the scenery. We’ve missed you.

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  2. Welcome home, Simon — I’ve missed you! Just recently spent a lovely long weekend with Mimi…we spoke of how lovely it would be to share an afternoon together with you and Jilly. Sending love across the waters… xox

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    1. Lori, thank you! Lovely to hear from you. And so good to know that you’ve had a get-together with Mimi, and positively touching that you thought of us. We, too, are looking forward to that afternoon. Love caught and welcomed. Love winging your way … xx

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  3. It’s good to come home with a tummy full of memories to retrieve at will. Reliving moments of tranquillity when feeling stressed, letting one’s self begently rocked as a moored sailboat on easy waters. And yes, how could Lori and I get together and NOT speak of you and Jilly with abundant love, delight and anticipation for that one day….xx

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