Just a quick question to the ether – because by one means or another, day in, day out, I hear or read the appeal: ‘why aren’t the British people more outraged?’ – and I have no clue as to an answer, whatever the subject the appeal is being made for or on behalf of.

But I’m wondering: how useful – on the 13th August, under sunshine and blue sky, around 24 degrees – how useful to our lives would having more ‘outraged’ British people really be? Isn’t there something better we could bring to the public arena than rage?

Absolutely genuine question: isn’t there?

4 thoughts on “Outraged?

  1. Why stop with the British people? Why isn’t the American people more outraged? Where are the good people? Will evil triumph because good people do nothing? Apologies to Edmund Burke.


    1. Thanks so much for this reply: wherever good people (and there are billions of them) do ‘something’ positive in the world there’s a contribution towards the greater good, I’m sure – and some of that good may have been initiated or prompted by a measure of justifiable outrage. I’m generally less convinced by much that purports to be, or we’re told is, ‘outraged,’ or should be, where that semi-permanent state of being appears to contribute more to intolerant and intolerable heat than to substance … ‘people say’ … ‘people don’t like’ … ‘people did’ … Which people? Where? Why?

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  2. I only embrace outrage to the degree that it moves me to action…otherwise, life is too short to be spent in such a state. Many other emotions that are more productive…and pleasant. And for the record, many, many Americans are *furious* with the current state of affairs and abysmal lack of leadership here. Hopefully we can rectify this soon….


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