More freely who we are

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A friend is heading to the Ashmolean for the Young Rembrandt exhibition today – which prompted me to take down one of Roger Housden’s inspired works from my shelves. The closing paragraph of his Lesson Six – Embrace The Inevitable leaps off the page:

“Rembrandt has, indeed, prevailed through the centuries. His example of loving this world despite all the troubles it brings; of standing his ground in the face of the opinions of others; of faith, both in his personal experience of God and in the second sight of imagination; of his profound acceptance of the mysterious ways of life itself – all this is as prophetic in our time as it was in his own. When we see ourselves in Rembrandt’s mirror – our human vulnerabilities, our persistent spirit – I believe that we can be inspired to be more freely who we are; to be what we most want and value. By virtue of his painterly genius, everything he was lives on today in the hearts and minds of those who have caught his eye gazing down at them from some grey museum wall.”

How Rembrandt Reveals Your Beautiful Imperfect Self: Roger Housden, Harmony Books, New York, p229

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