To re-become

Photo by Max Andrey on

Nature’s objective is not to complete
But to re-become
Again, and again

Brianna Wiest
from Salt Water, page 44

Yes! the multi-coloured foliage of all our lives falls to earth and water, regular as clockwork. That’s the norm. We waste our energy trying to resist the passage of time and season. We renew our energies when – and if – we learn the wisdom of the soul and the seasonal. There is, indeed, a time for everything under the sun. When our personal ‘flowers’ are brought to the ground we should, perhaps, breathe a sigh of relief. Here’s a fallow period. A rest. Downtime. Like my oxalis triangularis corms – covered up in a dark cupboard for a while to regain their strength – so it is for us: we’re not to complete, but to re-become. Wow!

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