Arthur’s Seat, Salisbury Crags, Holyrood Park
there were steps here yesterday
who painted that white light the length of this view of the Pentland Hills?
the cars will have been washed by whiter than white snow
how many people have trod this path before me – today?
I love the invitation to reflection here
a five year old heard? ‘Mum, Mum, Mum. It’s snowin’ again. Hooraaaay!’
… and people and sledges will soon be headed to bed

There are places on Earth that have captivated me utterly. Jerusalem did, years ago, as have Manaus in Brazil, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, Poreč, Tallin, and Rome.

But an extended locked-down living in Edinburgh has been comparable to no other experience I’ve known. It creeps up on you, quietly but certainly. My neighbour has spoken to me of its being full of mystery, beguiling and enchanting. I agree. It’s the kind of place you’ve long felt you might like to have a day out to sometime and then you notice the sea air – somehow unexpected. And seagulls in the city centre. And a thousand little coffee / eating places to look forward-to post-lockdown. And the promise of Spring. And the delighted squeals of adults and children alike, careering down the Crags in Holyrood Park on sledges. And that you live a few doors away from a genuine Scotch Whisky distillery. And that if you stand on the hill right next to home you can see the Castle just above you. And the light. The ever-changing sunrise to sunset spectrum of light. And the special light, the architect’s dream, the light of the Edinburgh night.

And you realise that your ‘day out’ could very easily turn into a lifetime out and about – in the little Closes, and the grand gardens, and the museums, and the afternoon teas. And the not thinking to turn on the television news because the sky’s always telling of something more encouraging. Something has happened to me in Edinburgh – slowly, certainly, and even within the limiting context of Covid-related ‘lockdown.’ Yes, something has happened to me – and it’s good.

But I think it’s going to take more than a ‘day out’ – or even the gloriously unexpected, unanticipated and extended stay I’ve enjoyed thus far, to work out, fully, quite what 🙂⛄️

The light. The light. Ah, the light …

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6 thoughts on “Captivating

  1. Oh Simon, Edinburgh sounds captivating. It’s a city I have always wanted to visit, and you have heightened my desire. Delighted that you are experiencing this enchanting respite in the midst of these difficult pandemic times (and sharing it with all of us!) 💕 xo

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    1. Hey Lori – it’s truly serendipitous that I’ve wound up at such a time in such a place. I’m hoping that my windinmywheels Muse will stay close here too. It’s funny with writing, isn’t it? Sometimes it just flows and at others there’s just the contours of the riverbed. But I feel there’ll turn out to be plenty to write about here. Hugs & love 🙂xx

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