‘Where nature’s wild forces collide with rugged landscapes, we are inspired to create …’

Honestly – all you need to do is pen a few poetic lines and you can just reel me in! Possessed of a lifetime allergy to alcohol, this may offer a soothing winter’s evening chest-warming. I hope so. I’ve just ordered a (gorgeous looking) bottle. Photos and report-back to follow (obviously 😉). Now to look for some more Scottish poetry …

more at gardenstudiogram

2 thoughts on “Honestly!

    1. I’ll be keen both to try it and to let you know, Lori. Having never been able to drink alcohol I’ve occasionally hankered for the warming effect people speak of in a glass of Scotch or Brandy on a cold winter’s night. Do you have a favourite tipple? And how’s winter been where you are? 🙂


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