Sky blue Saturday

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Sunlight streaming through the arched window of the tower beckoned me early. A procession of the kings and queens of history passed before my eyes; poetry on walls and in the air; modernity and the murmur of a thousand conversations; the smiles of the many now looking to better post-lockdown outdoor days; Italian made coffee-to-go … weekend living on park benches, in café queues, spontaneous history lessons and Spring flowers appreciation, on foot, roller skates, bicycles and tricycles again …

Middle Meadow Walk, Edinburgh

still further reflections – past and present

IR6 • AR - Iacobi Rex 6 • Albi Rex 
• 1606 • Beati Pacifici 
James VI • King of Scotland 
• 1606 • Blessed are the Peacemakers
1677 • Behold how good a thing it is and how becoming well 
Together such as brethren are in unity to dwell 
It is an honour for men to cease from strife

Poetry set into the external walls of the Scottish Parliament Building at Holyrood

The Abbey Sanctuary, The Royal Mile

The Royal Palace of Holyroodhouse and Holyrood Abbey

HM Queen Victoria and HRH the Prince Albert

The Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh

‘This heraldic panel was originally over the entrance of the Gatehouse which stood here.  
It bears the Royal Arms and IR5 for King James the Fifth’

… and home to candlelit recollection

see the BBC’s 24 Quotes on Holyrood’s Wall | more at gardenstudiogram

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