Winter readying

My little garden studio is always given a reshuffle during the autumn / winter months, the better to accommodate the lighting of the log stove and avoid being toasted.

And I’ve been working on making the garden winter-ready this morning. It’s looking bare and angular. But there’s a mellowness too: shades of gold and red and orange. I’ve been glad of the company of a robin, and of the appearance of a couple of brave autumn crocuses …

4 thoughts on “Winter readying

  1. Oh Simon, those berries! Such vibrant color, virtually bursting in anticipation of the days to come. The turn of each season is so beautiful in its own way. Love these little glimpses of your sweet garden buttoning up for the next bit.💕

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  2. There is warmth and light wherever you are – regardless of the season or the accelerated speed with which time seems to travel. You offer a pause, a delightful moment, a smile…xx

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