Southampton – a gateway


Often described as the UK‘s Gateway to the World, Southampton has been the ‘diving board’ from which I’ve launched into many a joyful adventure. At 2 degrees Centigrade it’s a chilly morning here – but a golden sunrise on the horizon speaks of warmth and promise … next stop, the Azores. The ‘shape’ and the sheer variety of life on earth illuminate my days aboard MS Borealis – a few days here and there upon miles and miles of open sea lead to soul-widening new encounters. Edinburgh, Lakeland, family and beloved friends, all – in some sense – travel with me, so the familiar is at the heart of all that I am. But so, too, is the unfamiliar, all that my heart, soul, mind and body unknowingly aspire to, even in the Now-ness of this single moment. And I sometimes find myself imagining even greater ‘Gateways to the World’ and an eternal ‘vessel’ possessed of limitless capacity for Love’s eternal voyaging …

Afternoon update: things are looking hopeful for dinner time 😉


6 thoughts on “Southampton – a gateway

  1. The nature of your voyage sounds absolutely perfect, Simon…new encounters followed by days at sea that allow you to reflect upon your recent experiences and anticipate those to come. ☺️ Something so incredibly alluring about being untethered from life’s ‘normal’ rhythms…I think it allows a certain, dare I say reckless, freedom of spirit and adventure that perhaps is otherwise constrained by life’s laundry list of expectations and ‘must dos.’ A new dawn breaks and brings with it new sights, sounds, smells, that have perhaps not been encountered before and May never be again. *This* very moment, so precious precisely because of its transience. May your senses be flooded and your memory banks filled to overflowing….❤️☀️xo

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    1. Very dear encourager-par-excellence, Lori. Thank you so much. I love reading your thoughtful messages! We’ve touched on pandemic-related issues before: by far the greatest of all the lessons I’ve ‘taken on board’ afresh is the importance of our ‘now-ness,’ of the moment, of life to be lived, and of persons to be loved, of profound thankfulness and a permanent sense of our being here for adventures (in joys and in sorrows, in travels and in stillness) – from our personal ‘sunrise’ to our ‘sunset.’ Poets and writers like you are as food and drink to my heart and soul. So, as always, thank you for sharing moments. I’m always ready and waiting to read of yours 😘✨xx

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  2. Given that my facility with the English language pales in comparison to the two, of you, I will delight in your conversation, nod my head in enthusiastic agreement, and leave this space unsullied by my amateurish enthusiasm. Love you both…xxx

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    1. What!!? Karma Truck has long been one of the most widely read – and certainly best loved – journals on the world wide web! My eye and ear (in company with countless others’) is permanently trained to look out for a new piece from Mimi. But you’re being you: generous and open-hearted – it’s absolutely no wonder that you and Lori have been drawn to such great connection between you. May your love and enthusiasm continue to brighten all our days. Love you, Mimi J Krumholz, too 😘🙏 xx

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