5 thoughts on “The limits of our sight

    1. Yes! ‘life hovers’ … ‘horizon’s verge’ … what a gift, Lord Byron, to have been blessed with such perception!

      I’m currently listening to Matt Haig’s ‘The Midnight Library’ via Audible – with its all-possible lives scenarios. I’m less than one third of the way through but ‘life hovers’ between worlds (& choices) is so apt in this context, and indeed in my present sailings ‘ ‘twixt …’

      I wonder how many poems would come to mind were you making this voyage too? Today the combined vagaries of high seas and ever-changing governmental C-19 regs have rerouted us back to lovely Funchal, Madeira (life’s tough 😉). Onwards this evening bound for Antigua … 😘🛳xx

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      1. I thought you might like that quote…it seemed to capture the essence of your present experience so beautifully. ☀️

        I read Haig’s book some months back and was intrigued by the premise. Who hasn’t toyed with the idea of the path not taken?…

        Sorry that your itinerary has been upended by Mother Nature (in several of her guises), but certainly sounds as though your captain has landed on a delightful alternative. ☺️ Antigua is lovely! Enjoy, enjoy! 🥰 xo

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        1. Thank you so much. Yes! Intriguing is just the right word for all our lives! 😊

          You’ve been to Antigua? I was there in early 2020 and – naturally something of a ‘returner’ in heart and mind – it will be lovely to be there again. And as for Mother Nature, like the sailboarder within my sights here in Funchal, I’m cheerfully learning (in all of life, actually) just to go with the flow – as one of my teachers has it (like Kung Fu ?) – the mantra is “Ah! So …” Hugs and love from Funchal to Florida 🤗😘x

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