Stars shining bright *

Stars resonate like a huge musical instrument

Bill Chaplin, asteroseismologist

Friendship is designed for the sharing of beautiful, thoughtful, wondrous things, isn’t it? And you are my friends, and I think you might love ‘How To Love The World’ (and beyond) as much as I do. Herein, Laura Grace Weldon, thinking on the words of an asteroseismologist, and writing of stars, notes: ‘I can’t hear them, but I’m told they / sing of things we have yet to learn.’

Oh, and there are other wonderful stars and colours and twinklings and music between these covers too. The Epigraph and the Foreword warrant several slow readings. And before you get to the words you might stay awhile with the cover, after which, opening, I think you’ll be opened. I hope so. And I am grateful for you.

* Thank you, Mama Cass: Dream a little dream of me 😊