Spring in The Meadows

A year ago today I spent a sunny couple of hours reading an old favourite novel in Edinburgh’s Meadows – with a flask of good coffee, pain au chocolat, and a deep sense of thankfulness for the arrival of warmer days in one of my favourite places. And in a week’s time I’ll be there again – still largely unable to explain what it is about Edinburgh that draws me so much and so inexorably … only knowing that it does, it does …

4 thoughts on “Spring in The Meadows

  1. Our youngest got his Master’s at University of Edinburgh…and though we visited in the winter…It was brooding and beautiful (and cold) and beckoning. I can only imagine how fantastic the metamorphosis is when the spring wakes…xx

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    1. How wonderful to have studied at UofE! Certainly cold in winter, Mimi, often abetted by a stiff and bone-chilling wind, but whatever the weather, and in all seasons, Edinburgh is – to use a somewhat overused word – magical! 😊xxx

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  2. Ahhh, Simon, the picture you paint of this city is beyond alluring. Absolutely dying to experience it one day, and I will. I have made that pact with myself. Who knows, maybe we can enjoy a coffee and a bit of conversation in the park one day? 🥰 xx

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