Aftermath | Ricky Justin George | Bronze | 1998
in Castries, St Lucia – just around the corner from the most gloriously colourful church, itself a work of art; and from God’s own beauty parlour!

My friend Lori’s enjoyment of The Watcher in my North Berwick post the other day brought to mind what is probably my favourite piece of public art. Visiting Castries in February 2020, my immediate response to the gorgeous Aftermath was that it holds space for a million and one human stories. There’s so much aliveness, excitement, joy and relief here that doesn’t need any more words! You’ll hear the story tell itself from within. And maybe tomorrow another one – because the light shines on different elements at different times and on different days. And I hope you know delight in them, as I do 😘x

3 thoughts on “Retrospective

    1. Isn’t it exquisite, Lori? Castries was / is special in many ways – including a lovely memorial bronze to poet Sir Derek Walcott (Love after Love: ‘The time will come when, with elation you will greet yourself arriving at your own door, in your own mirror …’) – but this capped all else for me, for all that you have seen and described, and for all that years of contemplating the piece might further bring. Beautiful! Writers and artists … open our senses 🙂💞xx

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