A Royal Salute

Her Majesty The Queen’s 96th birthday was marked by a traditional ceremony at Edinburgh Castle. 

A 21 Gun Salute was fired by the 19 Regiment Royal Artillery from 12 noon.

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Elsewhere, Edinburgh is blossoming – a particular joy at this time of year in The Meadows …

… and sunshine streamed today through the roof and windows of The National Museum of Scotland …

And onwards towards a misty evening …

5 thoughts on “A Royal Salute

  1. Ohmygosh, Simon, an embarrassment of riches here! The National Museum looks like a delightful place to while away an afternoon and I am quite certain I could wander in The Meadows the entire day without complaint. 🥰🥰 xx

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      1. Everything seems to be blooming everywhere! And yes, some lovely days here in Florida as well. Everything is greening up and nature is stirring. Sandhill Cranes and their chicks strolling around everywhere, deer out in droves, the occasional bobcat across the yard, and of course the ubiquitous alligators soaking up the sun on the banks of nearly every pond. Spring has sprung! Xxoo

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        1. What a fabulous and extraordinary list of wildlife, Lori. And every year words along the lines of ‘nature is stirring’ are endlessly cheering. Warmth changes us, as well as alligators, doesn’t it? Have a lovely day 😊🐣xx

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