From the first coffee

Sometimes you can feel it’s going to be a great day right from the first coffee. (Thank you Round Square Coffee House in Morningside).

On then to a whole-day workshop with some fabulous new friends which was so uplifting, on so many different levels (thank you to every one of you), that I wondered whether I might fly – or float – home under my own steam instead of hopping on a bus …

… and all day I also had the pleasure of knowing that my brother and his family were heading North to arrive in time for supper. Their apartment here sent us on our way to Mamma Roma’s (thank you to them, and to our lovely hosts there) with encouragement to enjoy every moment …

We did. And arriving home near the RSA with a heart full of reflections on just a single Saturday in April, I know that I’ll sleep now like a baby! (Thank you, Edinburgh) 🙂

2 thoughts on “From the first coffee

  1. Oh Simon, this sounds like a picture perfect day (starting with that gorgeous coffee!) I am delighted that you have time with your brother et al. Nothing makes my heart sing more joyfully than time spent with my brother. He is my ❤️. I hope today is another glorious day for you and yours! Xxoo

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