Yesterday, as Mimi suggested, Edinburgh had a decidedly Brontë-esque feel about it – and all was fanned by a chill East wind. Today the blossoms, tranquility, warmth and peace to be found in the centre go some way to explain how and why so many of us – near and far – make heart and soul-felt connections with Scotland’s lovely capital.


A Canine Connection

Edinburgh and San Diego, California, share a twinning link with a unique twist. Each city is home to a famous dog. Edinburgh’s loyal and beloved Greyfriars Bobby and San Diego’s equally beloved vagabond dog Bum: In recognition of these canine heroes, a statue of Bobby was presented to San Diego and this statue of Bum was gifted in return. The dogs represent the spirit of a twinning link: friendship, loyalty and shared experience.

Bum died 1898, Aged 12 years
Sculpted by Jessica McCain, USA
Presented to the Citizens of Edinburgh by the San Diego Edinburgh Sisters Society
In association with E Clampus Vitus, John R Squibob, Chapter 1853, on 19th July 2003


The sculpture of Bum is to be found within the walls of St Cuthbert’s Kirkyard, beneath the Castle, just off Princes Street Gardens.

One thought on “Connections

  1. Ahhh, warmth and sunshine flood this lovely city once more. ☺️ And who among us can resist a sweet dog (says the woman with two snuggled in beside her this very moment 🥰). Xox


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