To say that Edinburgh somehow draws me would, I guess, be something of an understatement. Waking early this bright Sunday morning in Lakeland I popped out for a coffee and somehow – by an accident? – as my youngest used to say, wound up two and a half hours away on the beach in Edinburgh. Breakfast at the beach café, and a contented hour or so watching brave wild swimmers and cloudscapes, turned out to be the perfect antidote to yesterday’s admin day. Back in Lakeland now, car washed and polished, perhaps I’ll mow the lawn to celebrate!

6 thoughts on “Coffee?

  1. Oh, what a wonderful ‘surprise escape’, Simon! Nothing better than indulging the call to play hooky for a day, and to be able to do so in such a charming spot…magic! That little car of yours is *quite* zippy, too! Xox

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