Quiet hours


I’ve always valued quiet hours and spaces. Edinburgh’s a lovely city for peaceful night-time ambling. And given that it is, in a million different ways, a busy and bustling city by day, it’s a surprise to some that there are lots of quiet sunlit green spaces to retreat to. A favourite spot for a couple of chapters for me is the lovely little Dunbar’s Close Garden, hidden just off the Royal Mile. Today I closed my eyes there, meditating rather than reading, on words engraved in stone not far away, in 1677

It is an honour for men to cease from strife


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4 thoughts on “Quiet hours

    1. Thanks, dear Mimi. A shortening of the distance across oceans and between continents is another way in which quiet hours and spaces are such a gift – from where we can be ‘looking at the same moon.’ 🙂🌱xx

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