lapis lazuli

While together at the coast the other day, one of my friends gave me this tiny, beautiful piece of lapis lazuli – blue stone – as ‘an offering to the sea.’

Etymologically, by way of Arabic lāzaward, Persian lājevard and Medieval Latin lazulum, we have ‘sky’ or ‘heaven’ : the Spanish and Portuguese azul comes from the root lazulum – so this is ‘a blue stone of or from the sky,’ or ‘stone from heaven’ – which is a rather special gift to receive from a friend.

We all swam – freezing for a while, but there was huge laughter, too. Warming – even before we gathered around a little fire. And in a quiet moment some day I will indeed offer this beauty to the shining ocean in sunlight. But, for a space, this little reminder of the firmament of our loving connections will stay with and close to me – and I will whisper a stream of thanks in every happy remembering.

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3 thoughts on “Offering

    1. I’ve just looked up labradorite, Lori. Beautiful. I have a small collection of little stones, seaglass and shells, each of which is a special reminder of treasured places or occasions. Hope you’re having a happy day 😊🌱xx

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      1. Your little ‘assemblage’ sounds lovely, Simon. I was just listening to an interview yesterday with an individual who was talking about the energy generated by every object and the ways in which it ripples outward. Firmly believe this is the case. Having a good day, yes. ❤️ xx


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