They’re singing …

From the On Being Project

… and out there, you know, rolling around and swimming through, and perfectly at home in the waves, are these enormous animals, and by golly – they’re singing, of all things! … What lies ahead to be discovered is absolutely limitless. We are not at the pinnacle of human knowledge. We are just beginning …

Katy Payne

How readily I attune my ear to all who draw attention to the natural wonders of planet Earth! Our world-view is changed, healthily and helpfully, every time we take a few moments to hear the poetry of the great and giving Universe in which we live – and to notice that the birds of the air, and aeolian harps in the forests, and children, and some of the great leviathans of the ocean, and even some of us, are singing! If the power of poetry and song can change societies and protect our future – what shall we recite, and write, and sing?

… the big anthropocene question: are we being good ancestors?

Robert Macfarlane

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