Cast of characters


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Overnight, the cast of characters in our lives shrank from hundreds to three or five or one …


The buses are full. There’s the buzz of conversations and laughter – and the coughs and sneezes that still raise eyebrows. Edinburgh’s streets are full. Festival pedestrians walk miles. International accents are heard in any gathering. The benches in Princes Street Gardens are full. The footsore are glad of ice cream cones, and strangers once again swap stories. And we are full – though often unconsciously – of the memories of enforced isolation. The world changed beyond our recognition when we became isolated from one another. Psychological readjustment will take time. But readjust we must – learning again the value of the impromptu conversation, kindness or fleeting smile – the ‘Letter to a Stranger’ who touches our lives more, much more, than we had hitherto realised.


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3 thoughts on “Cast of characters

  1. I’ve just been catching up with ‘Wind in my Wheels’ and found it tremendously moving. I can tell that you yourself are ‘buzzing’ with the intoxicating atmosphere of Edinburgh at this time. I love all the entries, but particularly Edinburgh Gold. That wonderful Western light of the early evenings which, I think, nothing can surpass. I marvel at it every time I see it; most often from my kitchen window, but from other locations too; sometimes, if one is lucky, as one drives away from Keswick towards Windermere, one may catch it over High Rigg, the Dodds and Helvellyn. Go on having a wonderful time. You deserve it after weathering such a tough July. xx

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    1. Thank you so much 🙏. Yes, indeed, the evening light is wonderful – and often beyond my abilities to describe.

      My July encounter with Covid-19 certainly clipped my wings, but I’m aware of many who’ve had a much worse time of it. And so thankful, now, for the uplifting ‘buzz’ of all-things Edinburgh 🙂🌱🔆xx


  2. Ahh Simon, the energy of Edinburgh bursts through in every sentence. This book sounds intriguing and so wise in the ways that it captures the unnatural isolation that the pandemic made necessary. Absolutely delighted that you are through your own ’bout with the bug’ and now able to throw yourself into the feast for the senses that this festival clearly represents. Enjoy, enjoy! xox


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