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I’m looking forward to an evening with the acclaimed composer, harpist and pianist Phamie Gow. We’re to be treated to a harp special tonight, but I’m already a fan of Phamie’s piano gifts and think this ‘Carousel’ quite wonderful!

Post script: Lori, you kindly asked about the concert: Thank you. Yes, it was all that I’d anticipated and more. Phamie Gow has shedloads of what the famed stage teacher Patsy Rodenburg calls ‘Presence’ (in her fascinating book of that name), coupled with a gracious humility; her simultaneous connection with both instrument and audience was phenomenal, and though she sang only one achingly beautiful song it was at the very juxtaposition of the Celtic and the Classical. The little YouTube video ‘Carousel’ has an ethereal-but-connected quality about it. That’s how the concert was. Spellbinding, emotional, and deeply gratitude-inducing 🙏xx

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