The comfort of raindrops


Tonight’s quietness has been punctuated by the steady beat of raindrops on my balcony here in Holyrood. I wonder why I find this sound such a comfort – and am reminded that raindrops are among the constants in our lives. And so, in the course of an evening, I have returned to similar experiences from childhood right up to the present day. Each has something in common: the warmth and calm of being sheltered, indoors, at home, lulled towards peace by some of the gentler sounds of nature – which present peace makes me all the more mindful of Lori in Florida and all who are dealing with the aftermath of a fiercer expression of nature’s power. Hugs, Lori.

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3 thoughts on “The comfort of raindrops

  1. Thank you for the warm thoughts, dear friend. I, too, normally find the patter of rain on the roof and windows very soothing, hypnotic even, but I must confess, the ferocity with which Hurricane Ian delivered the rain was more than a bit unnerving. As images from our neighbors further south continue to emerge, I marvel at nature’s vast power and send a little thank you heavenward that in this instance we were spared. The whole experience was a powerful reminder of ‘who’s in charge.’ Spoiler alert…it’s not us. 😉 xxoo

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