What it would look like …

Further to yesterday’s musings on Robert Capa’s advice about getting ‘close enough’ with a camera – a friend and I sat on a park bench in Edinburgh the other day, daydreaming-out-loud about what a well-loved holiday home would look like, and where. We touched upon white paint, simple but wonderfully comfortable furnishings, beach-level closeness to the sea, warmth, wine, coffee, olives, feta, tomatoes and … bougainvillea. Yes: this is what it would look like!

Edinburgh daydreamin’

It’s a decidedly chilly and grey January afternoon in Cumbria today – never, of course, without the natural beauty of Lakeland, but chilly, in a dispiriting sort of a way, anyway.

And then a note from a friend in Edinburgh led to my daydreaming of that beloved city, and of summer days there this past year, and of my returning there in the not-too-distant future, and I was away! Eyes closed, after-lunch coffee to hand, in January, in Cumbria, I’m in Edinburgh on a bright summer day …


Photo by David Kooijman on Pexels.com

over the rainbow
skies are blue

Yip Harburg

Grey day – inside or out? Chatting with a friend today (on a Lakeland grey day!) reminded me of the importance of making time for daydreams – about all the wonderful places, encounters and events that lie ahead of us. Limitless possibilities and choices. Close your eyes, encourage recall of blue skies and warmth somewhere, and perhaps of lovely company, and away you go – daydreaming. And daydreams are worth their weight in gold, even if they only stay that way. But some ‘really do come true’

Bolognese daydreamer

Photo at Pixabay

I guess all of us daydream about food. I’m still working on losing some of the pounds that girded themselves about my waist over the Christmas period – so perhaps my culinary reveries have been sharpened a tad.

One of the ingredients that will combine with those in this photo is presently browning in the pan. I know what outcome I’m dreaming of, and thinking particularly of a world renowned city where I once revelled in the most enormous dish of it. What does this photo call to mind for you? And where?