Photo by David Kooijman on

over the rainbow
skies are blue

Yip Harburg

Grey day – inside or out? Chatting with a friend today (on a Lakeland grey day!) reminded me of the importance of making time for daydreams – about all the wonderful places, encounters and events that lie ahead of us. Limitless possibilities and choices. Close your eyes, encourage recall of blue skies and warmth somewhere, and perhaps of lovely company, and away you go – daydreaming. And daydreams are worth their weight in gold, even if they only stay that way. But some ‘really do come true’

2 thoughts on “Daydream

  1. Easy to dream of an leisurely afternoon in Tuscany (which is what this photo looks like to me…) ☺️ Given the state of our world at the moment, I, too, often seek the solace of daydreams and Mother Nature. Thanks for the nudge, Simon….🥰

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