Happy returns


When we were children we
used to give you the Giles
annual at Christmas:
‘To Dad, with lots of love,
from Simon, Sarah & Nick.’

And we still enjoy those
brilliantly drawn accounts
of loving family
life in which everyone –
cantankerous grandma,

the bobby, the parson,
postman, prime minister,
ma, pa, cold-struck Vera,
and the children, mad dogs,
cats, and neighbours, lived with

cheerful – if chaotic –
confidence that they were
loved and treasured. On your
eighty-fifth birthday I
know my siblings will join

me in telling you that
it has been like that for
us, Dad. You and Mum are
creators; together
you made that greatest gift

of all – our family
lives in that confidence
too. Happy birthday, and
thank you. Eighty-five times
and counting, we love you.


remembering RM, 10 January 1932 – 18 October 2017 &
JMT, his daughter-in-law, 23 February 1960 – 13 January 2018
with deepest love xx