Happy returns


When we were children we
used to give you the Giles
annual at Christmas:
‘To Dad, with lots of love,
from Simon, Sarah & Nick.’

And we still enjoy those
brilliantly drawn accounts
of loving family
life in which everyone –
cantankerous grandma,

the bobby, the parson,
postman, prime minister,
ma, pa, cold-struck Vera,
and the children, mad dogs,
cats, and neighbours, lived with

cheerful – if chaotic –
confidence that they were
loved and treasured. On your
eighty-fifth birthday I
know my siblings will join

me in telling you that
it has been like that for
us, Dad. You and Mum are
creators; together
you made that greatest gift

of all – our family
lives in that confidence
too. Happy birthday, and
thank you. Eighty-five times
and counting, we love you.


remembering RM, 10 January 1932 – 18 October 2017 &
JMT, his daughter-in-law, 23 February 1960 – 13 January 2018
with deepest love xx

6 thoughts on “Happy returns

  1. Strange coincidence. Our children always bought the Giles annual for Charles at Christmas time and yesterday was Charles’ 83 birthday. Happy birthday to your father and to all loving fathers. I wish I could pen such endearing words, but I’ll pinch yours. I get more like grandma Giles with advancing years!

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