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Emergence: sound and light. Thank-offerings in the journeying of David Whyte.

Sometimes, oftentimes perhaps, it is our close friends who help us give voice to what we most need to say in a day – or in a lifetime. And other times when, even if they feel they can not quite, a friend might tell us: ‘but I know someone who can’ …

Thank you, dear Lori, for all the times when you absolutely know: thank you for sharing David Whyte’s articulating the prayer of The Burren – that great and Ancient windswept bedrock in the soul of all of us. Yes, thank you, Sound. And thanks to you, too, Light.

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He’s delivering

Your cheerful smile and friendly few words have been consistent time after time throughout the past year. Driving DPD for miles through sunshine, flood, storm and tempest you appear never to miss a beat. Your van is packed tight with many dozens of packages to be delivered to untold numbers, and the race to beat the clock leaves little time for two-way appreciation over signature and exchange.

So: Happy Christmas, courier friend. May Christmas Day deliver to you a well deserved opportunity to be exactly where you want to be, with whoever you most want to be with – and maybe one or two packages addressed especially to you. With many thanks.