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Emergence: sound and light. Thank-offerings in the journeying of David Whyte.

Sometimes, oftentimes perhaps, it is our close friends who help us give voice to what we most need to say in a day – or in a lifetime. And other times when, even if they feel they can not quite, a friend might tell us: ‘but I know someone who can’ …

Thank you, dear Lori, for all the times when you absolutely know: thank you for sharing David Whyte’s articulating the prayer of The Burren – that great and Ancient windswept bedrock in the soul of all of us. Yes, thank you, Sound. And thanks to you, too, Light.

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2 thoughts on “Emergence

  1. I found this piece so moving. Whyte’s words are like a benediction, and the scenery over which they float absolutely mesmerizing. So happy that this spoke to your heart as it did to mine. ❤️

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    1. Profoundly moving, Lori. Again, thank you. There’s exquisite – almost painful – depth in every word David Whyte ever enunciates – and yearning, thankfulness and deep Celtic history in music and song-story. Heart speaks to hearts. And there’s a wonderfully touching little vignette in this short film – a moment where the wind lifts his cap and in a fleeting flash one catches a joyous grin as he turns to recover it. In the context to which, and in which, DW is speaking the film-maker caught a magical, nature-borne, intimate and special moment – imagery which, coupled with DW’s poetry, suggests something along the lines of ‘it blew my mind!’ or ‘it blew my cap off!’ Truly extra-ordinary and marvellous. Benediction indeed🤗🌱xx


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