The oystercatcher furtling about in
the mudbanks is silent and focused and
the butterfly and the lizard make no
sound that can be heard above the clank of
mast cables and the gentle river flow
beside which we’re absorbed in Ouest France
and our books into which pine needles twirl –
until the urgent tap-tap-tapping of
the woodpecker we’d forgotten we met
last year raises smiling pairs of eyebrows

4 thoughts on “Recognition 

  1. I hope one day to be able to paint pictures the way your words do…”our books into which pine needles twirl…”    I love being on holiday with you. Carrie DeSalvo 

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  2. I love your pictures. No comments to your “September days” possible but I was wandering with you and enjoying the ambience .. I really got the atmosphere of the Brittany I visited some years ago. Lovely!

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