Hallin Fell

Photo at 2CRG

The steep climb from Martindale up the side of Hallin Fell has me huffing and puffing like a badly maintained traction engine in need of oil and a bit of engineering t.l.c. Uphill physical exertion (with ne’er a coffee-shop in sight) has never quite been something that’s come naturally to me! But I joined my fell-walking wife for the aforesaid ascent this afternoon – and the cry of a lone hunting bird and the otherwise deep, deep silence as we gazed over the deep, deep Ullswater below us told me clear that I ought to shift myself up these tracks at least a little more often. And there was coffee and chocolate cake when we came down from the heights.

2 thoughts on “Hallin Fell

  1. My happiest memory of such an expedition was up Cap Bells with 30 Cubs. No coffee or cake, just a packet of Kendal mint cake, some raisins, an apple and some cheese and a bottle of water. But oh, the Joy of happy exhaustion in the company of such lively company!

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