I absolutely know that Hidden Figures is going to be a treat tomorrow evening – though I’ve avidly watched every trailer available so I’m not sure how much film I’ve yet to see.

NASA’s early ‘Space Race’ successes depended heavily upon the extraordinary mathematical skills of one – segregated – woman. It’s a story that absolutely needs to be heard by every human person on planet earth today. Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson’s ‘working on your trajectories’ makes for one of the ultimate parables.

Taking a demolition hammer to each and every wall and sign that divides human beings – physical or metaphorical, religious, philosophical or political, clears the way for a better, brighter future. The passing of shibboleths once held to be absolute truth (no matter what they are) gives way to discoveries and achievements presently beyond the imaginings of most – but, as Katherine and her friends showed the world, not all …

3 thoughts on “Trajectories

    1. As soon as you can, Lori. Certainly not one you’d want to miss. You may want to see it twice! A triumph of a story and a magnificent film, beautifully acted in every detail. There’s some great cinema out there in the next few weeks and this one ranks high indeed xx

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  1. We are hoping to see this film. Our friends say that it is an eye opener to Man’s lack of integration with their fellow man. What right have we to be intolerant of each other? We are all equal in the sight of God.


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