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Here’s a photo of my study made earlier today, the sun streaming through the windows, shortly after a snowfall – seen through a kaleidoscopic lens filter – the multi-perspective possibilities through which are infinite. What immense depth lies just beyond what we usually ‘see’. What wonderment, praise and awe are forthcoming when I still myself – even if only very briefly each day – to meditate upon the intricate extra-ordinariness of our life and experience in this world, and the universe in which it spins. I love it. Plain sight, or kaleidoscopic art and reach, this is quite a place to be!

8 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Wow! That is beyond my comprehension. You have a wonderful knack of showing us beauty while provoking in depth thoughts. (is the lens a new toy?)

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    1. Yes, Lori. ‘Draws’ is exactly the word. And ‘in’ too. Enlarging the photo and following from the outside to the inner centre is for me a lovely metaphor for prayer / contemplation / meditation – the ‘place’ where we may discover our depth and rootedness … xx

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