song at evening

sometimes there arises
a wholly extraordinary
clarity in my hearing the
bowl sing. It has origins
in something, somewhere
quite beyond and yet entirely
within anything and all
that I can bring


3 thoughts on “Connel

    1. Hope so Mimi. Look at that sky! Off further Northwards to the Hebridean islands today – wifi usually very limited, if at all, but intend to catch-up. Photographers / poet’s paradise. Morning mist today is magical xx

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  1. Hi Simon,

    In about 1973 a friend and I canoed from the head of Loch Etive to the sea under the Connel Bridge and then back again. We spent a night camping on the shore of Loch Etive both going and coming back. Seals had been popping their heads out of the water as we canoed and at dusk one evening a herd of red deer came down to the water’s edge near our tent. Magical. Enjoy.



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