7 thoughts on “When the grass is jewelled

  1. Your garden reflects a peace and beauty that puts so called formal gardens in the shade. Jilly must have toiled very hard to make it so. ( I expect you had a hand in it too.)

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  2. Such a feast for the eyes, Simon. Spectacular! And I love picturing you and Jilly moving about there. Wishing you many glorious mornings and peaceful afternoons in this paradise…. Xx


  3. Hello Simon, I’ve just been enjoying your wonderful items which make up ‘Wind in my Wheels’. We are on our week away near Pitlochry in Scotland, so time to look at windinmywheels. What a joy it is. I love all aspects of it; the photos, the poetry, the thoughts. And what a joy this place is; not dissimilar to what I see in you photos from Iona. There is something about the colouring. I shall share it with you and Jilly when we get back.

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